World Photography Day 2020

Celebrating the art and love for photography.

We asked some of our Veu photographers what was the story behind their favorite photos. Here’s what they had to say.

Sukriti Dubey

Sukriti has worked with multiple fashion and jewelry designers, captured faces and moods, places and views for over two years. For her, great photographs are like summer evenings—soothing, nostalgic and unpretentious.

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Bhavya Ahuja

Bhavya is a Delhi based photographer and videographer. He likes to shoot people and processes of things. Crowded city markets over serene landscapes, coloured over black and white, his preoccupation with visuals is political and dramatic.

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Abodid Sahoo

Abodid is a freelance video editor and director based in Bombay. He loves capturing experiential events and hopes to direct Coldplay’s music videos some day. When he’s not editing, you’ll see him capturing streets and portraits.

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Alekha Chugani

Alekha is a freelance photographer from Mumbai. Her work is a thoughtful amalgamation of restless ideas and random epiphanies triggered by everyday shenanigans. For her, creating photographs is like a visual poetry book that defines her as a creator.

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Ankur Kewat

Ankur is a photographer as well as a filmmaker. Currently an engineering student, he wants to tell stories with everything he captures while encapsulating all that he sees around him.

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Sunny Gala

Sunny is a travel and portrait photographer from Mumbai. Travelling across India for the past 3 years, he captures interesting stories from the remote as well as the popular places and festivals of the country.

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